Avast Silent Mode is actually a powerful feature that allows you to enjoy your favorite video games without worrying about the background noise. By disabling notifications from the antivirus, you can concentrate on your projects or game. If you’re making use of the full-screen function of your computer, Avast Intelligent Security might run in silent-mode mechanically. The silent mode likewise stops unwanted announcements and pop-ups from showing up.

The Muted Mode is additionally very useful in the event you give presentations or play games. Avast is going to no american technology consulting llc review longer disturb you if you are giving a presentation or playing a. It also becomes off the signals, pop-ups, and other notifications through the antivirus. This means that you can enjoy your game uninterrupted. You can’t hear annoying pop-ups and notifications that will irritate you.

You can turn off the pop-ups and notices from Avast by transitioning to the silent/gaming mode. As the options are not visible, you can use the Avast icon in the system tray to allow the feature. You can also get this feature in the main graphical user interface. You can find the silent/gaming setting option below Settings/General. The Silent/gaming method will quickly shut off most pop-ups and alerts from Avast software. This characteristic is ideal for gamers and those who don’t want to be interrupted by alerts and messages from your antivirus.

What is Avast Muted Mode? If you don’t want your antivirus to be interrupted while you are gaming, you may turn off every its appears. This feature also disables pop-ups, notifications, and alerts via Avast when you are playing. This permits you to use the laptop or perhaps PC with no interruption. If you need to enjoy a uninterrupted, you can easily allow the Silent/Gaming Mode.