PART 61 A§Recent airline event: Pilot in order

(1) Except as supplied in paragraph (age) with this part, no person may work as a pilot in demand of an airplane carrying passengers or of a plane certificated for more than one pilot flight crewmember unless that person has made at the least three takeoffs and three landings around the preceding 3 months, and-

(ii) the desired takeoffs and landings had been performed in an aircraft of the identical group, course, and kind (if a kind standing is essential), and, if the plane getting flown is actually an airplane with a tailwheel, the takeoffs and landings need become built to a complete stay in an aircraft with a tailwheel.

(2) for the true purpose of encounter the needs of section (a)(1) of the point, an individual may act as a pilot in command of an airplane under day VFR or day IFR, offered no people or belongings become carried on panel the plane, besides those essential for the conduct for the flight.

(3) The takeoffs and landings necessary for paragraph (a)(1) within this point might carried out in a journey simulator or flight training equipment this is certainly-

(ii) found in accordance with an authorized program carried out by a training heart certificated under parts 142 for this chapter.

(1) Except as supplied in part (e) with this area, no individual may act as pilot in order of a plane holding passengers through the course beginning 60 minutes after sundown and ending one hour before sunrise, unless within the preceding 90 days see your face has made at the least three takeoffs and three landings to a complete prevent during course beginning 1 hour after sunset and ending one hour before dawn, and-

(ii) the mandatory takeoffs and landings were sang in a plane of the same group, class, and type (if a sort review is essential).

(2) The takeoffs and landings required by paragraph (b)(1) with this area are accomplished in a trip simulation that will be-

(i) authorized by the manager for takeoffs and landings, if aesthetic system is adjusted to represent the period defined in paragraph (b)(1) of the point; and

(ii) included in accordance with an authorized training course performed by an exercise center certificated under part 142 within this part.

S. Armed Forces to perform tool flight studies, given the individual becoming tested was an associate with the U

(1) for the intended purpose of obtaining device experience with a plane (except that a glider), sang and logged under real or simulated tool problems, in a choice of flight when you look at the proper sounding aircraft for any device benefits found or even in an airline simulator or journey training product which consultant of this aircraft class for all the instrument rights sought-

Except as given in paragraph (e) with this section, nobody may behave as pilot in demand under IFR or in climatic conditions less than the minimums prescribed for VFR, unless around the preceding 6 diary period, that individual enjoys:

(2) with regards to getting instrument expertise in a glider, done and signed under real or simulated instrument conditions-

(i) no less than 3 days of instrument amount of time in journey, of which 1 1/2 hours might be acquired in a plane or a glider if no travelers are to be transported; or

(ii) For other than a glider, in a flight simulator or trip tuition unit that is representative regarding the planes group; or

(iii) a business check pilot that is approved to conduct instrument flight exams under parts 121, 125, or 135 of the part or subpart K of parts 91 for this chapter, and so long as the check pilot and the pilot being tried become workers of the driver or fractional ownership plan management, as applicable;